About Excel Evolution

About Us

Excel Evolution was founded in 2007 by Uber-Excel-geek, Jon von der Heyden.  We specialise in Microsoft Excel and finance systems.  As finance professionals ourselves we have a range of training courses that can elevate a user, beginner or advanced, to a new ‘elite’ level.  Our knowledge and skills has been gained via education, experience, but above all many years’ participation in the online technical and financial communities.  As a result we have innovated financial modelling methodologies and principles.  We are, without doubt, and with endorsement from countless happy clients, the best of the best.

We offer:

  • Intermediate and Advanced Excel Training – tailored to Finance Professionals
  • Onsite Surgery – a combination of training and onsite model redesign
  • Financial Modelling – spreadsheet design and redesign
  • Financial Application Development – integrated planning and reporting solutions

Meet the leadership team

Jacob Blackmore
Managing Partner

Jake joined the company in April 2015. His exposure as an accountant in large industries over the years gives him a unique advantage to deliver advanced Excel courses tailored to finance professionals. As a course-leader and author of the Intermediate Excel for Finance Professionals, Jake is exceptionally keen to pass on the many useful lessons that makes Excel a joy to work with.

Over the past few years Jake has also been studying Wing Chun Kung Fu.

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