2 Basic

Basic Excel

Our basic course is a popular solution to establish the fundamentals that should be in place for all Excel users.

On the 2nd day the delegates can continue at a comfortable pace using Excel with the teachers support to work through typical examples. This helps instils the valuable lessons learned.

Purpose of Excel

  • The fundamental goals of Excel
  • Initial insight into Excel’s “Brain”
  • File formats and file extensions

Navigation and structure

  • Navigation and helpful shortcuts
  • Worksheet grid and an initial look at Named Ranges
  • Merged cells and the respective risk

Data Management within Excel

  • Data types
  • Operators and Operandums
  • Coercion vs. functions
  • Implement balancing checks and flags
    1. Using conditional formatting
    2. Number formatting
    3. Error tracking

Data Management with files outside of Excel

  • Sharing a workbook and the risks
  • Automate data import using queries
  • First look at Power Query

Adjusting & Customizing

  • The effects of altering the Dependency tree
  • Inserting objects such as Microsoft Word documents or shapes
  • Simple use of Named ranges in Data Validation to deliver drop down lists
  • Styles

Excel’s Table objects

  • Understanding the table object
  • Table Formulae syntax


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